About Us

rooted in knowledge,
fueled by service

At Dixie Diesel, it goes beyond knowledge for diesel engines. For us, "Service isn't just a word, we live by it." It's more than a saying; it's how we run our business. It's about really listening to what our customers need and paying close attention to every detail.

When people choose Dixie Diesel, they're not just getting a repair; they're getting a team that cares about their engine working its best.

Our shop is conveniently located in Columbia, TN. We're known for our deep knowledge and genuine care for our customers. Our community trusts us because of our dedication and hard work.

At Dixie Diesel, we're more than just a business; we're part of a story built on trust and hard work.


Meet our highly-qualified team

At Dixie Diesel, our technicians are the backbone of our operations. Each member of our team has hands-on experience and formal training. They stay updated with the latest industry advancements and are committed to helping you get the service you deserve. Their dedication is evident in every repair, rebuild, and interaction.

Stop in today or give us a call and meet our talented team!

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